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End of Tenancy Checklist & Guide 2017

Full End of tenancy cleaning checklist!

What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

In the vast majority of cases, tenants are obliged to leave rented properties in the same condition they were in when the tenancy began. All rooms need to be cleaned, any damage to carpets, walls or furnishings should be repaired and every surface in the property will need a thorough scrub.

When tenants move out of the property, the landlords or agents will compare the current state of the building to the inventory that was carried out at the beginning of the tenancy. If there are any discrepancies, money could be deducted from the deposit to cover the cost of cleaning and repairs.

Professional Cleaners Vs DIY

End of tenancy cleans can either be carried out by professional cleaning companies or by the tenants themselves. If a professional company is used, the tenants will need to pay for the cost of the work carried out. However, as specialist end of tenancy cleaners are experts at restoring homes to their former glory, tenants will be a lot more likely to receive their full deposit back if they employ professionals.

DIY end of tenancy cleaning is of course more affordable in the short term. All tenants need is a few cleaning supplies and a bit of elbow grease and they can get stuck in. If tenants want to ensure they get their full deposit back at the end of the clean, they’ll need to ensure they tackle each room thoroughly and methodically. From the tiles in the bathroom to the carpet in the hallway, no inch of the property should be left untouched.

In some cases, the tenancy agreement will state that the tenant has to hire professionals to carry out the clean. Check the document before you begin scrubbing to ensure you don’t clean needlessly.

What Is An Inventory Report?

Before you start cleaning your property, it’s a good idea to take a close look at your inventory. You will have received a copy of your inventory when you first moved into the property from either your landlord or property manager. It will list the contents of each room as well as any pre-existing damage and the cleanliness of the property.

To get your full deposit back, your check in and check our inventory reports need to be identical. You can use your inventory report as evidence if there are any disputes with your landlord when you move out so make sure you check the document carefully.

How Much Does Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

The exact cost of professional end of tenancy cleaning will depend on the size and condition of the property. To give you an idea of what you’ll pay, we looked at the average cost of cleaning a property in London.

Number of bedrooms End of tenancy clean End of Tenancy Clean With Carpet Clean
One £150 £170
Two £170 £195
Three £200 £235
Four £240 £265

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

We would always recommend to use a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to ensure the likelihood of you getting your deposit back. However, should you decide to do it yourself, you should make sure that you draw up a list of exactly what needs doing. Luckily, we’ve already done that for you...

You can download or print the full end of tenancy checklist here. Use this list when you start your own end of tenancy clean.

General Cleaning

Before we dive into each, individual room, there are a few cleaning tasks that will be the same in every room in your home. Doors and doorframes will need to be dusted and wiped down as will lamps, ceiling lights, picture frames and skirting boards. You’ll need to wash your windows until they sparkle and make sure any cobwebs or dust balls are vacuumed away. You’ll also need to give all of your carpets a thorough clean to remove any stains, debris and furniture marks that have built up over the years.

Check out this video for more general cleaning tips:

The Kitchen

During your tenancy, you’ve probably cooked up a fair few meals in your kitchen. Even if you’ve taken care to look after the space, there’s probably a layer of grease on top of the kitchen cabinets, some burnt on food in the oven and a few nasty surprises lurking at the back of the fridge.

In the kitchen, as in most rooms in the home, it’s a good idea to work from the top down. Begin by cleaning the tops of the cupboards then clean units inside and out and scrub all of the tiles to remove dirt and grime.

You’ll need to thoroughly wash the kitchen sink to remove any limescale that’s built up and spend a bit of time giving your appliances the deep clean treatment. Ovens are notoriously tough to spruce up so make sure you invest in specialist cleaning supplies to make the job a little easier. One appliance that’s often overlooked is the washing machine. Cleaning the washing machine will only take minute and could make a real difference to your check out inventory report.

This video shows you how to get your kitchen gleaming:

The Living Room

The jobs you’ll need to do in the living room will depend on whether your property was furnished or unfurnished when you moved in. If it was empty, simply remove your furnishings, give the carpet a deep clean, remove any marks on the walls and give the room a general, but thorough, once over. Make sure you leave windows smudge free and skirting boards free of dust and dirt.

If the room was furnished, you may have to spend a little longer getting it back into tiptop condition. Wash any removable covers on your sofas and chairs, clean the curtains, give all surfaces a scrub and check that there’s no damage to any of the items that were in the room originally. Make sure you clean behind TV units and other large pieces of furniture to remove any dust that may have built up.

Here are some great ideas for giving the living room a thorough spruce up:

The Bathroom

Alongside the kitchen the bathroom is probably the toughest room in the house when it comes to cleaning. Every fixture and fitting in the room will need to be thoroughly scrubbed to remove limescale, hair and residue. You’ll need to clean the toilet inside and out, remove limescale that’s built up around the sink and shower and leave all surfaces sparkling. Don’t forget areas like the extractor fan, the skirting boards and the window frames when giving the room its deep clean.

Get every fixture and fitting limescale free using these bathroom cleaning tips:

The Bedroom

Like the living room, the work you’ll need to do in the bedroom will be dictated by the furniture that was in there when your tenancy began. As well as general cleaning, you’ll need to make sure all cupboards, wardrobes and drawers are empty and dust free. If the bed was there when you moved in, make sure the frame is thoroughly cleaned and turn the mattress to ensure it’s well-aired ready for the next tenant.

Take a look at this video for help restoring the bedroom to its former glory

The Hallway

As hallways are high use areas, they can see a lot of wear and tear over the course of a tenancy. If there are a lot of marks and scratches on the walls and skirting boards, you may want to consider repainting the space. In some cases, washing down the walls may be enough to get the hallway looking good as new.

There’s a good chance your floor will also be showing signs of heavy use by the time you move out of the property. If the space is carpeted, you should be able to revive it with some good quality shampoo and a bit of TLC. Vinyl, laminate and wooden floors can all be scrubbed clean, although scratches and other damage may need expert attention to put right.

Have your hallway sparkling in no time with these handy tips:

Moving Out

Once you’ve gone through every room in your house or flat, you should double check that you have ticked everything on your end of tenancy checklist.

End of tenancy cleaning is an essential part of the moving out process. By checking your tenancy agreement and inventory report for specifics and giving yourself plenty of time, you should be able to get your rented property spick and span in no time. If you need help with the workload, or if you simply want to maximise the possibility of getting your deposit back, get in touch with Service Octopus for a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.