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Add Some Shine To Your Home As The Metallics Trend Continues In 2018

Luckily enough, for all you metallic lovers metallic elements have been a strong feature in interior design trends over the last couple of years, and it looks like they are here to stay!

Katharine Pooley, renowned British designer, agrees that metallics are still very much here to stay, but moving forward, she predicts that there will be “a focus on polished nickel and silver”, moving away from warm copper to cleaner and cooler metallic tones.

Last year, you couldn’t move for copper. Whether it was on picture frames, handles, feature lighting or decorative ornaments, copper was the metal of the season. Whilst copper is very much still at the forefront of the metallic trend, the new kids on the block this autumn winter season are polished nickel and brass.

The versatility of metallic means that they have a place in rooms with almost any colour scheme. The metallic interiors trend is all about big, bold statements and large features rather than tiny trinkets, and when used this way they create a sense of drama in any room of the house. They can add value to your home, providing opulence and luxury aesthetics, whilst reflecting light into a room, allowing rich, dark tones on the walls, floors and ceilings, relying on the metals to reflect light and warmth into the room. Great news for anyone trying to sell a home.

So if you haven’t embraced the metallics trend in your property yet, here are a few interior design tips to help you go for gold, or maybe nickel, this year.

Exposed Copper Piping

Part of the industrial chic look which is so popular in kitchens, combine this with a few shiny tiles and dark, dramatic walls and you have a sumptuous look which is as far from industrial as it is possible to be. The copper pipes don’t have to be functional. If you already have perfect working pipes which are concealed tidily, you can use the copper piping to create handles for your cupboards, brackets for shelves or hooks to hang saucepans or clothes. You can also run a couple of false pipes along the ceiling to complete the look, and no-one will ever know that they are just for show!

Wallpaper With Metallic Motif

As the metallic trend has taken the interior design world by storm, there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of gorgeous metallic wallpapers to choose from. These range from straight-out mirror effect wallpaper at one end of the scale, which is less of a wallpaper and more of a thin metal sheeting, through to gorgeous patterns which weave foil effects seamlessly into the designs. This second option is a much more subtle way to introduce the metallics trend into your home if you are not sure you are ready to paint everything gold!

Freestanding Metal Bath

Freestanding baths are the pinnacle of modern bathroom luxury. More and more people are finding ways to design their bathrooms around their designer bathtub. This way, the bath becomes part of the interior design of the room, rather than being a functional necessity. Take this one step further and add a real glamour to your bathroom by getting a freestanding bath with a metal finish. They come in silver, gold, copper and pewter colours, so you can find exactly the right tub to perfectly complement or contrast against the rest of your scheme.

Mirror Effect Kitchen Cupboards

The ultimate in stylish kitchen trends is the mirror effect cupboard door. The shiny surface of the silver mirrors creates a clean look, perfectly befitting of a kitchen, but with a modern, elegant and intriguing twist. The reflections in the mirrors on the doors instantly make smaller kitchens feel much larger and more spacious. The mirrors will exaggerate the look of the rest of the kitchen. If you have gone with cool and clean tones, the mirrors will reflect these across the whole kitchen. Likewise, if your kitchen has warmer, richer tones, these will be amplified by the reflections, exaggerating the look and feel you were going for.
Not only do the mirrors help your whole kitchen scheme come together much more easily, they also mean that you can easily change the whole feel of your kitchen whenever you like with just a lick of paint and without having to replace all of the cupboards.

Feature Lighting

Metallics and lighting are a match made in heaven. The appeal of metallic objects within an interior design scheme is that they reflect light and bring a natural warmth to any room. Making the surface of the light fitting itself from a naturally reflective material is the perfect combination. Copper lamp stands, nickel uplighters and golden chandeliers are the perfect decorative finishes to make the most of the metallic trend. For extra warmth and opulence, try also getting hold of some copper, nickel or brass candle holders and watch the metal surfaces come to life with the reflections of the dancing flames.

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