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Do I Need A Professional Clean?

There are many professional cleaning companies in London offering to help with end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning and carpet cleaning. With all these services available, it can be tempting to let one of these companies help us with our cleaning tasks.

But do you really need a professional clean?


Let’s face it; the majority of us hate cleaning. How often do we let dishes pile up until we can’t ignore them anymore? Or tell ourselves we’ll definitely do a deep clean on the weekend only to crack out a bottle of wine because we’ve had a hectic week (“It’s not THAT bad, I’ll clean it during the week!”). For people who love to make any excuse to get out of cleaning, hiring a professional cleaning company to do the dirty work seems like a no-brainer.

With a good reputable cleaning company, you can expect your flat or house to be cleaned thoroughly. Busy people with no time to clean often hire cleaning companies or have a cleaner come in every week to do their cleaning for them. However, with cleaning companies, you don’t need to supply them with equipment or cleaning detergent – another advantage!


Although London is booming with a plethora of cleaning companies, finding the right one is important. I’ve often heard stories of bad customer service and companies refusing to pay for damages their cleaners have caused. This is why you should always check to see if the company is covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of cowboy cleaners. Make sure you check their website and reviews (always take reviews with a pinch of salt as they may be fake). Try to find sites that verify customer reviews as they may be a little more trustworthy. It’s also worth asking about their cleaning guarantee to ensure that they will come back if the job isn’t done correctly.

Price is also another factor. A one-off “deep clean” can cost around £130 upwards for a one bedroom flat. However, bigger companies may offer a discount during peak seasons like spring and summer.

Too much info? Why not try comparison tool. We’ll tell you whether or not the company has insurance AND cleaning guarantee! You can also book directly with the cleaning company using our booking platform. EASY!