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Future Tech: Self-Cleaning Toilets

Anything that can cut down cleaning is a major plus. If it can stop us needing to clean the toilet then that’s a real bonus. Self-flushing toilets have been part of public bathrooms for many years now, but how will this work when it comes to the home? Will the ultra-modern bathroom experience clean all parts?

How Do Current Self-Cleaning Toilets Work?

In public toilets, they use weight sensors and time to ensure that each toilet is thoroughly cleaned. The more futuristic restrooms do a full cubicle clean so once you leave, the door is automatically locked and a 40 second to two-minute process begins. This often sees a robotic arm scrub seats and surfaces.

The toilet will be sanitized and disinfected, leaving the next occupier with sparkling surfaces, and a clean smell. These are commonplace on the streets of mainland Europe.

Here’s how Toto’s self-cleaning toilet works:

When Will We See This In Our Homes?

If you’re rich enough then these are available to you. Some particularly plush residential apartments in places like London and New York have them and these often come with automatically opening lids, heated seats and even footrests.

Within the home, the self-cleaning method obviously focuses on the inside of the bowl, spraying water jets to deodorise and keep it fresh.

Reducing Toilet Paper

Way back in 2009, Toto, from Japan, brought out a high-tech paperless toilet as a hygienic and efficient option. The idea is that water is blown out of the ‘washlet’ which gives a comfortable and complete wash at your command. This reduces the environmental impact.

According to research, the integration of a bidet in the toilet actually dates all the way back to 1964 in America. These became high-tech in Japan from around 1980 and, as we can see, they just continue to evolve.

Is There A Demand For This Product?

A recent study found that three-quarters of British people believe that homes will be ‘smart’ within the next two decades. This includes things like fingerprint scanning doors, windows tinting in the sunshine and even a toilet that analyses diet.

However, the number one thing on the list – self-cleaning toilets. Bask in the glory that is self-cleaning toilets, enjoy:

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