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The Future Of Smart Homes

The Future Of Smart Homes

We’ve seen huge technological advancements in recent years in a wide range of industries. One area which many believe is on the cusp of exploding is AI. With the AI industry (among others), predicted for huge growth over the next decade or two, this opens up plenty of opportunities, particularly those closer to home.

Dr Ian Pearson from Futurizon spoke to us and gave his thoughts on this topic, “with all the household robot assistance expected to arrive over the next decade or two, doing the household chores will evolve into a managerial task where you explain to the home AI what you want done and it organises it for you.”
We’re predicted to be living in smart homes and this can mean things like end of tenancy cleaning are a thing of the past. With this in mind, we’ve created an infographic exploring all the possibilities for smart homes of the future.

Smart Homes

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