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The Most Famous Carpets In The World

All too often, the humble carpet is taken for granted. Seen as no more than a floor covering by many, it’s trodden on, covered in furniture and overlooked. However, without carpets, our homes would be colder, sparser and much less cosy, so we thought it was time to give the carpet the appreciation it deserves by taking a look at some of the most famous rugs of all time.

Aladdin’s Flying Carpet

The best-known rug in the world has to be Aladdin’s flying carpet. Made famous by the 1992 animated film Aladdin, the carpet helps the eponymous hero to win the heart of the beautiful Jasmine. The story is based on a tale from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights and has captured the imaginations of readers and viewers for generations.

Portland Airport Carpet


















Picture credit: Travis Thurston

Portland Airport Carpet

Although Aladdin’s flying carpet may arguably be the most famous rug of all time, it can’t compete with Portland Airport’s carpet when it comes to its social media following. The iconic flooring at the city’s air terminal has its very own Facebook page with over 13,000 likes, while its geometric turquoise design has spawned a legion of merchandise including socks, clocks, t-shirts, shoes and even beer.

The Ardabil Carpet

Though you may not have heard of it, in certain circles the Ardabil Carpet is a true textiles superstar. Housed within the V&A Museum in London, the Ardabil Carpet is the oldest dated carpet in the world and is thought to have been made in mid-16th century Iran. As well as being old, the carpet is enormous, measuring 11.5m by 5.5m. This gives the piece a significant presence within the V&A display and makes it especially hard to miss. On the carpet is an inscription that reads: I have no refuge in the world other than thy threshold. There is no protection for my head other than this door.

The Ardabil CarpetPicture credit:

Geometric Carpet, The Shining

On of the most iconic films of the 20th century, The Shining was made even better by its outstanding set design. One of the most memorable features of the Overlook Hotel was its red, orange and brown hexagonal carpet. The backdrop to many of the film’s most important scenes, the carpet has become an instantly recognisable element of the movie.

The Dude’s Rug, The Big Lebowski

It’s not often that the plot of a Hollywood movie revolves around a carpet. However in the Coen Brother’s 1998 film, it does just that. The movie begins with two hired thugs mistakenly attacking the home of Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski and urinating on his carpet. When the Dude goes to the home of the eponymous Big Lebowski to seek compensation for the ruined rug, he’s turned away and so takes an expensive carpet on his way out as a way to get even. This exchange sets the ball rolling and before he knows it, the Dude is caught up in world of kidnapping, ransom and infidelity.

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