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Cleaning Hacks: 5 Simple Steps to Kitchen Cleanliness

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Many families eat, entertain and gather here so keeping it clean and tidy makes life a great deal easier. Any tips and life hacks that help can save you both time and money. Take a look at our top five cleaning hacks.

Clear The Surfaces

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It may seem obvious but keeping your kitchen counters clear is the foundation of kitchen cleanliness. Make sure that used dishes are washed or stacked in the dishwasher to stop them from accumulating on the surfaces, and give the surfaces a daily wipe down to ensure that you don’t have anything lingering around. It’s an overlooked job often, but when it’s a habit it makes a real difference.

Use This Mix To Clean Your Oven

 Open metallic oven Image credit @ RBerteig

Your oven will inevitably get dirty. The muck on the inside sticks worse than anywhere in here, and often it’s easy to forget. However, a simple mixture of baking soda, water and dish soap is all you need to cut through the grease and get the interior sparklingly clean. Find out how to do it with this tutorial.

Lemons On Your Wooden Cutting Board

 cut lemon Image credit @ Hamza Butt

Wooden cutting boards are a difficult task when it comes to caring and cleaning. One option is to use lemon and kosher salt to get rid of everything. For stains, you can use a paste of salt, water and baking soda. In order to do a deep clean, just sprinkle the board with salt, and then rub the board with a cut of lemon. You can then use mineral oil across the surface to stain.

Group Your Foods Together

 bunch of bananas Image credit @

One that ticks both cleanliness and tidiness but labeling and grouping foods makes life so much simpler in the kitchen. Take inspiration from this as you use see-through containers to store everything from sugar to flour to cereals to crackers. Don’t forget additional storage areas for pastas, snacks and crisps. Using storage units makes it easy to move them and clean inside and around the sides.

Pour Boiling Water In The Plughole

plug hole Image credit @ Peter Castleton

Clogs in the kitchen sink are a fairly common problem in homes across the world. There is a really simple answer to dealing with this and it’s just periodically pouring boiling water down the drain. This helps to clear any oils that have been building up, and if you have baking soda then putting this in first helps this task.

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