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After Builders Cleaning Guide

An after builders cleaning is done when properties have undergone renovations or after a property has been built. Debris, dust, rubbish and marks are often left behind after works have been completed. Most construction companies do not offer cleaning as part of their services and often have to hire a cleaning company to provide these services.

What To Expect

An after builders clean will normally consist of a deep clean of the property. Most of all this is to remove dust and any residue left behind by the construction.

Layers of heavy dust spread throughout the property after construction. Therefore it is important to adequately air out the property before you move in or use the area.

Make sure you use correct cleaning detergents to avoid any damages to new surfaces. There is nothing more frustrating than having your new worktop ruined by chemicals. This is why most people will use a professional cleaning service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price will vary on the size of the property and the condition of the property. Larger construction projects can cost around £3000 upwards with smaller constructions from around £500.

Dust gets everywhere during. Time for after builders cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Guide

Do I Need An After Builders Clean?

You should schedule in a professional after builders clean if you lack the expertise and knowledge. Companies know what to look out for and no areas will be missed out.

Windows, floors, carpets and inside of cupboards are only a few areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Walls need to be wiped down and surfaces may need to be polished. Having to purchase different cleaning chemicals for each area will require research to ensure that you do not damage any surfaces.

Example After builders cleaning checklist from Twinkle Clean.

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